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The cloud, any cloud whether you’re really not sure where it is, or it’s in a local data center, or the closet down the hall, or a mix of all three; it doesn’t matter to us. DDC is platform agnostic and focused on insuring you have the right combination of technology assets to achieve your business goals.


These days it seems as if we operate our business technology in a hostile environment. Increasingly sophisticated perpetrators of theft, fraud and extortion use everything from brute force to human engineering to gain access or leverage. DDC knows there is no single solution to security; it takes deep industry knowledge coupled with determination and diligence to keep our enterprises safe and operational.


It is inevitable that something is going to go offline; break; get lost; hacked or stolen. When this happens everything grinds to a halt – the results are debilitating sometimes even fatal: lost revenue, productivity and trust. DDC can help minimize the impact of service interruptions, and help insure they are temporary and do not turn into a fatality.